Playing for change le film : Trailer

Parce que c’est une initiative qui nous a fait très chaud au cœur, je vous propose chaque jour jusqu’à notre retour, une petite pause musicale avec « Playing for change« .

Aujourd’hui, il ne s’agit pas d’une chanson, mais de la superbe bande annonce du film…
On continue !

Mesdames, Mesdoiselles, Messieurs : La bande annonce du film

Très belle fin de journée !

anti, très émue.

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  1. ramses

    « The relationship between Playing for Change and Hear Music was facilitated by legendary television producer Norman Lear, co-owner of Concord Music Group, which formed the Hear Music label with Starbucks in March 2007.

    “With Playing for Change, Mark Johnson and his team have created a movement that transcends language, border and culture, one that brings people together to a common purpose: peace,” states Lear. “We are thrilled to have this opportunity, along with our Starbucks partners, to bring this special project to the people.”

    A five-city Playing For Change – Songs Around the World tour featuring some of the musicians on the CD and DVD will kick off at this year’s SXSW music conference in Austin, Texas on Friday March 20th. »

    Source : Euroinvestor 20.02.2009

    Hear Music est une filiale de Starbucks Entertainment, elle-même filiale de Starbucks Coffee…

    Starbucks Coffee en chiffres :

    16.000 boutiques dans 49 pays (11.000 aux USA), 10 milliards $ de chiffre d’affaires, 1 milliard $ de profits, 200.000 personnes, coté au NASDAQ…

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