Millie Jackson en duo avec Elton John

J’en parlais hier dans le fil Les pires pochettes de l’Histoire, Millie Jackson a un goût de euh ben regardez sa pochette mais elle a une voix fort respectable.

En voici un bel exemple, en duo avec Elton John en 1985 (ils avaient de drôles de chapeaux à l’époque). Ils chantent Act of War, dont les paroles sont de Bernie Taupin, grand complice d’Elton depuis toujours et auteur de tous ses méga-tubes.

This ain’t no battle honey, this ain’t no fight
How come you take it so hard when I stay out all night
If I take a drink, is that against the law
And if I have a good time, do you call that an act of war

Well you better believe it boy, this house is your home
I didn’t build it up for you to live here on my own
And if you think it’s easy to forget about me
You’d better think twice, you’d better believe it’s an act of war

We’re living on the front line you and me
Fighting on this battleground of misery
Oh go ahead bring on your artillery
And we’ll make this an act of war
Give it all you’ve got `cause I’m all dug in
Keep the punches coming I can take them on the chin
Winner takes all, let the best man win
And we call it an act of war

Well I’m a man of convenience I work a long hard day
After twelve long hours ain’t I got the right to play
If living together is getting in the way
Then I call that an act of war

Well if that’s your game then honey two can play
I’m going on the town tonight and have some fun my way
Ain’t no way baby this girl’s gonna stay
I call it, I call it an act of war

And it looks like time ain’t been on our side
If we could turn the clock back
We might survive this act of war

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  1. ramses Post author

    Franchement, je préfère Tina Turner…

    « Act of war », c’est une répétition pour le trou dans le Pentagone ?

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